About Nakoda Îtipi and Ryder Style Craft

About Nakoda Îtipi And Ryder Style Craft

Nakoda Îtipi And Ryder Style Craft is a partnership created by entrepreneurs Travis Jimmy John and Ronine Ryder members of the Stoney Nakoda First Nation. Travis is a traditional knowledge keeper raised on the Eden Valley First Nation by his grandparents who were well-respected knowledge keepers among the Stoney Nakoda tribe. Travis obtains valuable knowledge of the pre-reservation era way of life of the Bearspaw band of the Stoney Nakoda people. Knowledge acquired through years of research and time spent amongst Elders of his community this opportunity provided Travis with insight and knowledge of traditional Stoney Nakoda customs, ceremonies, stories, teachings, games and ancient star knowledge.

Travis earned a small business certificate participating in and completing the inaugural Treaty 7 Economic Development Corporation/Brighter Futures Entrepreneurial Youth Camp back in 2000.

Ronine Ryder was raised on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation in Morley, Alberta Ronine is talented and skilled in traditional and contemporary beading techniques acquired through years of dedication and commitment to learning and understanding the ancient art of traditional Nakoda beadwork and handicraft. Ronine also designs and creates unique womens and mens formal wear worn at graduation ceremonies, weddings and funerals combining traditional knowledge of Stoney Nakoda designs and patterns with contemporary material. Ronine also possesses the skill and knowledge of making traditional Nakoda and Cree style infant moss bags, cradle boards, moss bag covers Ronine also creates an array of infant and toddler clothing and apparel. Ronine also creates beautiful traditional and contemporary purses/handbags, carrying pouches, pipe/medicine bags.