Red Norland Potatoe

The Norland was released in 1957 by North Dakota State University. It is a red-skinned, white-fleshed cultivar with a primary use for salads, very good for boiling. However, it can also be good for making french fries and potato chips, but is not good for baking. In 1965, a strain, Red Norland, was developed in Nebraska and later came another strain, Dark Red Norland. The two strains are more popular than the original, Norland. Norlands are determinate and short-season. They yield well with uniform shape; seldom developing off-type tubers. The main weakness of Norland is the tendency to loose the red skin color, paling, during maturity and storage. For this weakness, the strains were developed. Red Norland is the standard for short-season reds in most variety trials and is its major market strength. Norlands are adaptable to cooler climates such as the northern states of the USA.