Yellow Lady Slipper

Cypripedium caleceolus

These exquisite wildflowers are members of the orchid family. Their scientific names both refer to “slipper” as they resemble delicate fairy-sized small shoes. All the plants in the Barracks Gardens have been planted by seeds dropped from the local birds. One of our gardeners calls them “volunteers” as they are there by choice. They do well in the mix of sun and shade under the large poplar trees. In the wild, they seem to prefer mossy bog areas of the moist wooded undergrowth.

It is not uncommon to see international visitors snapping photos in mid to late June of these perfumed beauties. Yellow Lady's Slippers often grow in clumps and do well if not disturbed. Picking the flowers can cause the plants to fail. They grow 30 to 60 cm tall and have large lateral leaves. The flowers have markings of deep violet that accentuate the delicate orchid flowers.